Dead Man’s Walk Vocabulary- Chapter 1

Mustang – n – a small hardy wild horse living on the plains of North America

Trepidation – n – fear or uneasiness about the future or a future event

vexing – v– to confuse or puzzle somebody

whimsical – adj– behaving in a way that is impossible to predict

refuge – n– a sheltered or protected state safe from something threatening, harmful, or unpleasant

alkaline – adj– having a soluble mineral salt found in some dry soils (salty)

foray – n– a short trip or visit to a place, usually for a specific purpose

mescal – n- colorless Mexican liquor distilled from the fermented sap of some species of agave plant

pallet – n– a temporary and usually uncomfortable bed, made from materials at hand

bordello-n- a house of prostitution

sashaying – v– to walk in a way that is intended to attract attention, especially by swaying the hips or swinging the elbows

capote –n– a long coat or cloak, usually with a hood

imbibe – v- to take in and assimilate something such as an idea or experience

decapitate – v– to cut off the head of somebody or something

squaws- n– an old word for a native american woman. This is now considered offensive.

lax – adj- not strict or careful enough

cinching – v- putting on a girth for a saddle, consisting of a thick strap secured by passing the end through two metal rings

hobble – v- to tie the legs of a horse loosely together with a rope or strap to prevent it from moving awa

dexterity- n- ease and skill in physical movement, especially in using the hands and manipulating objects


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