Dead Man’s Walk Study Guide – Chapter 1

Dead Man’s Walk

by Larry McMurtry

Study Questions- Chapter 1

Directions: Answer the questions fully.  All questions are in chronological order.

1.  What does Matilda Roberts carry in her hand at the beginning?


1a. Do you think this will be an important object in this chapter?


2.  In what line of work are the men?


2a. Where did they set up camp?


3. What happened to some of the Rangers after they drank the mescal, which they captured after crossing the Rio Grande?


4. What happened to the man whose donkey cart the Rangers captured?


4a. How do you know?


5. What was Bigfoot Wallace’s dream about?


6. What is Bigfoot Wallace’s advice if one is caught by a Comanche?


7.  What do the boys mostly discuss on pages 4 and 5?


8. What do the men spot coming towards them in the distance?


9.  What is strange about the intruder?


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