Dead Man’s Walk Study Guide – Chapter 3

Dead Man’s Walk

by Larry McMurtry

Study Questions- Chapter 3

1. What object did the old Comanche woman wear around her neck?


1a. What does this object say about her people?


2. On page 1, what do the men try to do with the pair Comanches?


3. On page 2, describe Gus’ personality.


4. On page 3, describe Call’s personality.


5. Throughout the story, what has Gus been obsessed with?


6. What did Call intend to learn from Bigfoot Wallace? (pg 4)


7. On page 5, what noise does the troop her from the north?


7a. What does Gus think is making the sound?


7b.  After he hears the noise, what does Gus want to go and do?


8.  After Gus walks off, what appears that frightens him, at first?


9.  On page 7, Gus what does Gus discover about his situation?


10.  On page 7, what urge does Gus get to do?


10a. What feeling over comes him?


11. On page 8, who does Gus see in the lightening flash?


12. On page 9, what does Call see happening between the lightning flashes?


12a. What does he do to try an distract Buffalo Hump?


13. On page 10, what does Call hear after giving up Gus for dead?


14.  What did Call find was sticking out of Gus?


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