Dead Man’s Walk Vocabulary – Chapter 3

Dead Man’s Walk

Vocabulary- Chapter 3

Rheumy -adj- rheumy eyes look red and wet because of illness, sadness, or old age

Derived v- to obtain something from a source, or come from a source

Girth -n- the distance around something thick and cylindrical such as a tree trunk or somebody’s waist

Stropped -v- to hit with a leather strap (used for sharpening a razor)

Furnished – v- containing or supplied with (usually furniture)

Awed -v-  a feeling of amazement and respect mixed with fear that is often coupled with a feeling of personal insignificance or powerlessness

Tedium -n- the quality of being boring, monotonous, too long, or repetitive

Trek -v- to go somewhere slowly or with difficulty

Serape– n- a usually brightly colored woolen blanket worn as a cloak by some men in Mexico and Central and South America

Irked – v- to annoy somebody slightly, especially by being tedious

Docile – adj- quiet, easy to control, and unlikely to cause trouble

Diminishing -v- to make something smaller or less important, or become smaller or less important

Chide -v- to tell somebody off

Trudge -v– to walk, or walk a particular path or distance, with slow heavy weary steps

Dejection – n- sadness and lack of hope, especially as a result of disappointment

Ebb -n- lacking hope and energy


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