Verb Type Help Sheet

Verb Types

Help Sheet

Action Verbs

Transitive verbsAlways have a direct or indirect object after it.

            Direct Object – an object that has the action (verb) perform something to it.

                                    ex: The boy folded laundry

                        *Ask the question: What is the boy folding? Answer: laundry (the direct object)

            Indirect Object – a person who receives the action (verb)

                                    ex: Catherine made the family food

*Ask the question: For whom had Catherine made food? Answer: The family (indirect object)


Intransitive verbs – Do not contain a direct object or indirect object.

                                    ex: The girl screamed wildly

*Ask the question(s): Who was screamed at?  What was screamed?  Answer(s): Nothing (no direct or indirect object).


Linking Verbs

Linking verbs: Use variations of the verb to be (ex. am, are, were, was, etc or seems, become, appears, etc) to link a subject (A person, place, thing or idea) to a noun or adjective (describing word).

            Ex. She was ugly. (She is the subject, was is the linking verb, and ugly is an adjective)

            Ex: You were a boss. (You is the subject, were is the linking verb, and boss is a noun)

Helping Verbs

 Helping Verbs – helps out an action verb in a sentence. (am, are, was, were, etc or could, would should, might, etc)

            Ex: She is running for office (She is the subject, is is the helping verb, running is an action verb)

            Ex: John could kill a deer with his gun. (John is the subject, could is the linking verb, kill is the action verb)


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