Dead Man’s Walk Chapter 4 Study Guide

Dead Man’s Walk

by Larry McMurtry

Study Questions- Chapter 4

1. When Shadrach finally removes the lance from Gus, what happens to Gus?


2. What does Shadrach find out about the old Comanche woman?


2a.  What is Buffalo Hump going to do to her if he catches her?


3.  What might be the reason Buffalo Hump wants to do this act to her?


4.What does the woman predict will happen on page 4?


5.  How many Comanches does Bigfoot think it would take to take down Mexico city?


5a.  What does this say about the Comanches?


6.  On page 6, Bigfoot says that “tomorrow”  there might be hundred of horses going down an old war trail.  Why would the Comanches choose that day?


6a.  What do the Comanches call it?


7. On page 7, the major informs us of what the men were originally sent out to do.  What was it?


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