Dead Man’s Walk Study Guide – Chapter 5

Dead Man’s Walk

by Larry McMurtry

Study Questions- Chapter 5

1. What does Bigfoot think he sees on the hill?


1a. What does the troop do upon hearing the news?


2.  How did Bigfoot meet Black Sam?


3.  What happened when Josh Corn got off of his horse, after racing to the foot of the hill?


4. What happened when Gus climbed up the cliff?


5. What happened to Major Chevallie’s horse, on page 3?


6. Where did Josh Corn go while everything was happening (page 3)?


7. What does Josh Corn originally think he sees moving in the bushes? (page 4)


7a.  Who is it really that Josh Corn sees?


8. What happens to Josh Corn? (page 4)


9.  How does Buffalo Hump reveal his killing? (page 5)


10.  Where does Ezekiel Moody go upon seeing Josh Corn? (page 6)


11.  How did the Comanches get Ezekiel off of his horse? (page 7)


12. Why don’t the Rangers go and help Ezekiel?


13. Who runs (on a horse) after Ezekiel? (page 7)


13a.  What does Ezekiel decide to do after running? (page 8)


14. What does Buffalo Hump do upon capturing Ezekiel? (page 8)


15.  Does Ezekiel die from his wound? (page 8)


16. Who does Call think the Comanches should have gone after first? (page 10)


16a.  Why is this a good idea?


17. What does Sam giving Zeke to cover his wound? (page 11)


17a. What are Sam’s intentions behind this?

18. On page 13, what does Call realize about the Comaches when Gus tells him he wishes they had a cannon?


19. What finally happens to Ezekiel Moody? (page 14)


20. At the end of page 14, Call said he is glad he has seen the Comanches.  Why is this a good thing?


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