True West Study Guide – Act 1

True West

Study Guide Act 1

Scene 1

  1. Why might the playwright ask the director of the play to not change some things?



  1. From the description in Scene 1, what profession do you believe Austin is in?



  1. From page 5 to page 6, which brother do you think is the oldest?  Why? (use a line from the play)



  1. Where is the brothers’ mom?



  1. At the bottom of page 6, where did Lee go?



5a.  What is Lee’s reaction like when Austin tells him he had done the same?



  1. Based on the dialogue from page 7 to page 8, what line of work is Lee in?



  1. Because of this, why do you think Austin is hesitant to lend Lee his car?



  1. Why does Lee react so harshly when Austin offers him money?



  1. Where was Lee living before he came to his mother’s house?



  1. Why might Lee not want to go up north with Austin?



Scene 2


  1. What was Lee really doing when he found out his mother had locks on everything?



  1. What is Lee’s reaction when Austin offers him breakfast?


  1. Why did Lee go out to visit his father in the first place?



3a.  How long was he in the desert for?



  1. Who is Austin expecting to come by later in the day?



  1. What kind of project does Austin say he is working on?



  1. Why does Austin want Lee to leave while his visitor visits?



  1. On page 14, what does Austin agree to do in order to get Lee out of his hair?



  1. What does Lee tell Austin to tell the producer if Austin’s project doesn’t workout?


Scene 3


  1. Who walks in during the middle of Saul and Austin’s conversation?



1a.  What is he holding?



  1. Where does Lee invite Saul, at the bottom of page 16?



  1. How does Lee explain the stolen television to Saul?



  1. On page 18, what does Lee proceed to tell Saul?



  1. Why do you think Lee recounts the movie about the man dying for the love of a




  1. Why is Lee so pushy about the Western?




Scene 4

  1. What are the boys, Austin and Lee, doing as scene 4 begins?



  1. Briefly describe the story Lee is trying to tell.



  1. On page 22, what does Lee accuse Austin of being?



3a.  Why does this not make sense?



  1. What does Lee threaten to do if Austin doesn’t write this outline for him?



  1. What does Lee say he ought to do instead of writing this outline, page 24?



  1. What does Lee believe about the work Austin does for a living?



  1. How does story, on page 27, relate to the overall story of True West?

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