Past Progressive Verb Tense

Past Progressive Verb Tense

            The past progressive verb tense indicates continuing action, something that was happening, going on, at some point in the past.

Past Progressive

I was talking

You were talking

He/She was talking

We were talking

They were talking



1. Christopher ________________ ______________________ (to speak) to his mother.

2. During our conversation, you ________________ ______________________ (to eat) your pencil

3. April ________________ ______________________ (to follow) the rules by throwing out her garbage.

4. We ________________ ______________________ (to form) a rap group called “Walrus.”

5. They ________________ ______________________ (to sing) the Star Spangled Banner.

Further Practice:

1. Not me, I ________________ ______________________ (to blow) my hair dry.

2. Candy ________________ ______________________ (to dream) of a candle light dinner.

3. Forget everything; he ________________ ______________________ (to play) basketball.

4. Mike, Chris, and Jerome ________________ ______________________ (to killing) that beat.

5. We ________________ ______________________  (to lick) our lips at the sight of the meatloaf.


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