Present Progressive Tense

Present Progressive Tense

            The present progressive tense is used to describe an on-going action at the same time the statement is being made.

Present Progressive

I am taking

You are taking

He/she is taking

We are taking­

They are taking



1. I _________ ________________ (to go) to the beach this afternoon.

2. You _________ ________________ (to join) the shopping club at the Shoprite?

3. Jacob _________ ________________ (to shake) his head no.

4. We _________ ________________ (to make) a cake for Sarah’s birthday.

5. They _________ ________________ (to walk) up the trail.

Further Practice

1. Because of you and Eddie, Jimmy _________ ________________ (to go) to the mall with May.

2. Meredith _________ ________________ (to have) a carwash for the elderly.

3. If Brian, Kendall, and Jerome _________ ________________ (to bake) the cookies, then who is going to the store to get the supplies?

4. Without your mom in charge, we _________ ________________ (to destroy) the house.

5. Jimmy says that you _________ ________________ (to wreck) his birthday party.


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