True West Study Guide – Act 2

True West

Study Guide Act 2

Scene 5


1.  What does Lee get from Saul Kimmer?



2.   How does Lee explain he sealed the deal (with his story) with Saul?



3. What does Saul Kimmer want Austin to do with Lee’s script?



4. At first how does Austin react to the news of Lee’s script deal?



4a. How does he react after hearing about his own script?



5. (Predict) Did Lee do something to Saul?



Scene 6


1. What does Saul want Austin to do about the two projects?



1a. Was Lee lying about what he told Austin in scene 5?



2. What was a part of the deal between Saul and Lee that involves their father?



3. How do the characters characterize their father?



4. How does Saul compliment Lee on page 34?



5. Because of Austin’s refusal to complete the script, what is Saul doing about Austin’s script?




Scene 7


1. What do you notice about the character roles in the beginning of scene 7?



1a.  What is Lee trying to do in the beginning?



1b.  What is Austin doing?



2. What bet do Austin and Lee make on page 38?



3. Where does Austin want go on page 39?



4.  What does Lee ask of Austin on page 40?



4a. What is Austin’s response?



5.  Describe the story that Austin tells Lee on page 41 and 42.



6. What do you think the point of Austin’s story was?



Scene 8


1. Describe the scene in scene 8.



2.  What does Austin go out and steal?



3.  What is Lee in the process of doing during the beginning conversation?



4.  What does Lee want on page 44?



5.  Where does he want to go, page 45?



6. Who is Lee looking for?



7.  How does Lee know this person?



8.  Why might Austin like beginnings and Lee like endings?



8a.  Make a prediction on what will happen based off of this comment.



9.  Austin reminisces about his childhood.  Why is he so troubled now by it?



10.  Where does Austin say he wants to be?



11.  Why does Lee explode at the end of the scene?



12.  What is the deal that Lee and Austin make?


Scene 9


1. When we enter the scene what are Lee and Austin doing?



2.  On page 51,  what is Lee so particular about in the dialogue?



3.  What do they change the line to?



3a.  Does the line make sense to you?



4.  Who walks in during the boys conversations?



5.  What is Austin’s explanation for all the toasters?



6.  Who does Mom say is in town?



6a.  Who is this person?



7.  Why do you think Lee’s attitude suddenly changes on page 56 and 57?



8.  Why does Lee dismiss taking Austin to the desert?



9.  What does Austin begin to do to Lee?



9a.  What does he say while he is doing it?



10. Why might Austin actually be doing this?



11.  What does Austin want from Lee during the fight?



12.  Why won’t Austin let him go?



13.  What is the final thing the audience sees?



13a.  How was this foreshadowed?


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