Verb Tense Practice Test (Simple and Perfect)

Verb Tenses

Practice Test

Simple present, simple past, simple future

Present perfect, past perfect, future perfect

Directions: Complete the boxes with the appropriate verb tenses for the verb fall.

Verb tense

Helping Verb(s)

Action Verb (to fall)

Simple Present


Simple Past


Simple Future


Present Perfect


Past Perfect


Future Perfect




Directions: Put the following sentences in the demanded verb tense.

*****Note: more than one word can go on a line*****

1. Harold ____________________________ (to speak) to the woman down the hall from him. (Simple Present).

2. I _____________________________ (to gone) to the alley to put out the trash (Past Perfect)

3. The basement _____________________________ (to be) painted. (Simple Past)

4. Arnold Palmer _____________________________ (to play) a tough tournament come Sunday evening.(Future Perfect)

5. The cookies _____________________________ (to taste) great out of the oven. (Simple Future)

6. You _____________________________ (to speak) to my mother before. (Present Perfect)



Directions: Read the following sentence. 

1. Find the verb.

2. Determine if the verb tense is correct or incorrect.

3. If it is incorrect rewrite the sentence using the correct verb tense.


1. Mary-Michael, a news woman, baked a cake for her fellow workers.


2. An Aston Villa will have cost you $200,000.


3.  Trenton was the capital of New Jersey.


4. I had not baked a cake since the Great Depression.


5. I pay you for the steel girders, right?


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