Future Progressive Verb Tense

Future Progressive Verb Tense

            The future verb tense predicts an event that will be on going in the future.

Future Progressive

I will be eating

You will be eating

He/she will be eating

We will be eating

They will be eating


  1. During my adventures, I hope I  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to walk) on the street with ear-muffs.
  2. Maybe I  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to find) new styles of ear-muffs.
  3. My friend Janet  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to think) that I have lost my mind.
  4. Unfortunately for Janet, Tony, my best friend, and I  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to sharpen) our fashion skills in her least favorite store.
  5. Perhaps, if Janet and Tony go out together, they  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to share) the same fashion sense.
  6. However, I  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to fly) to Aruba and steal Janet’s grandmother’s treasure chest.
  7. Tony and I  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to dump) it in our own hiding spot.
  8. Then  ­­­______________ ______________________ (to split) the money two ways.

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