Verb tense Practice Test (Simple, Perfect, and Progressive)

Verb Tense

Practice Test

for real though.

Directions: Identify the verbs tenses by writing the verb tense below the sentence.

Simple present                                        Present perfect                                       present progressive

Simple past                                             Past perfect                                            past progressive

Simple future                                          Future perfect                                        future progressive


1.  John will have had all his lunch by noon.

2. Carry corrected Mark by tapping him on the shoulder.

3. You will be going to the county fair right?

4. They have designated you for assignment.

5. Sherry eats off of her plate.

6. Martin had beaten his brother at the game.

7. There will be nothing to do.

8. Joe has given his mother a rose.

9. We were winning until someone lost us the game.

10. She is furious with you.


Directions: Fill in the correct helping verb and/or action verb tense.

1. Emerald _____________________________ (to relax) all day. (present progressive)

2. Carol _____________________________ (to eat) a large amount of cake. (present perfect)

3. I _____________________________ (to have) my friend meet me here at six. (past perfect)

4. They _____________________________ (to flirt) with death. (future progressive)

5. Magic _____________________________ (to have) its ups and downs. (simple present)

6. We _____________________________ (to build) a new garage. (past progressive)

7. I _____________________________ (to eat) a lot of healthy food (simple past)

8. Betsy and Cory _____________________________ (to cave) in and eat dessert. (simple future)

9. At this rate, Geraldine _____________________________ (to kick) her brother by noon tomorrow. (future perfect)

10. The mall was not open so I _____________________________ (to go) to the mall and got a pair of penny loafers that didn’t quite fit, which they usually don’t because penny loafers always run a size too big, or in this case a size to small, where I just can’t get my foot inside of them no matter how hard I try, which I can only tell you is probably like watching ice cream disappear into a young child’s mouth: we all know that it will remain all over his or her face and, thus, my foot was all over the shoe and not in the shoe. (Past Perfect)


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