Past Perfect Continuous

Past Perfect Continuous

            The present perfect continuous is used to tell someone about an event that started in the past and has stopped, usually within a given time frame.

Past Perfect Continuous

I had been walking

You had been walking

She had been walking

We had been walking

They had been walking



1. They­ _____________________ __________________________ (to talk) all night.

2. Well, I _____________________ __________________________ (to spread) rumors since last week.

3. Vincente _____________________ __________________________ (to ache) to get his hands on my Goldfish, since he first saw them.

4. We _____________________ __________________________ (to ask) to go the park all week.

5. You _____________________ __________________________ (to dance) for so long that I got tired and fell asleep.

6. I _____________________ __________________________ (to bake) since Sunday for this contest.

7. Because you had no hair, Jerry _____________________ __________________________ (to cook) up a formula to help it grow again.


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