Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous

            The present perfect continuous is used to tell someone about an event that started in the past and is still happening in the present or has recently stopped.

Present Perfect Continuous

I have been walking

You have been walking

She has been walking

We have been walking

They have been walking



1. They­ _____________________ __________________________ (to talk) all night.

2. Well, I _____________________ __________________________ (to spread) rumors all night about Chris.

3. Vincente _____________________ __________________________ (to ache) to get his hands on my Goldfish, since he first saw them.

4. We _____________________ __________________________ (to ask) to go the park all week.

5. You _____________________ __________________________ (to dance) for so long that I am tired.

6. Never you mind, I _____________________ __________________________ (to bake) since Sunday.

7. Because you have no hair, Jerry _____________________ __________________________ (to cook) up a formula to help it grow again.


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