User Manual Project

User Manual Project

            You will be creating a user manual for a certain product or step for creating something.  The project must be completed in class (it would not be right to plagiarize someone else’s work and wind up with a zero right?).


  1. Discover Find a project (like making a bird house) or product (like setting up an XBOX) for which you will be creating the manual.  Be familiar with the product or project because if you aren’t you are probably going to plagiarize and receive a zero.
  2. Outline what must be included in the manual. Due Thursday Sept 13. (homework grade).  Be sure to see teacher given samples for ideas.
  3. Details Once the outline is finished, fill in the finer details.  For example, if there are warnings, explain them.  If there are step by step instructions write them out.
  4. Illustrate In all cases, you will need to have pictures/illustrations to help the user.  Prepare these once everything is written out. (Steps 3 and 4 should be completed by Tuesday Sept 18 as a homework grade)
  5. Revise/Edit Have a partner in class read the rough draft your manual for understanding.  If they are having trouble understanding, fix the problem areas before you publish
  6. Publish After you have revised and edited, create a finalized version (typed or hand written) with all the illustrations included.  The final drafts is due Thursday Sept 20




User Manual Project

Grading Rubric







Material not very organized (no or some titles and sections.  Illustrations are not found with proper section

Material shows some organization (some titles and sections)

Material is organized and is labeled and numbered for ease.  Illustrations are mostly with their assigned section.

Material is organized fantastically.  Sections are labeled with titles and material is easy to understand and find.


Are either not present or are not sufficient

Some illustrations are present but not enough to convey information

Illustrations are present but may not be clear.

Illustrations are all present, clear and understandable.


Frequent misspelled words and grammar errors. Very difficult to understand.

Some misspelled words and grammar errors.  Difficult to understand.

Some errors in spelling and grammar but not difficult to understand.

No errors in spelling or grammar.  Very clear.


Very little information given.  Only 1 or 2 sections.

Some information given.  Only 2 or three sections

Good information given.  4 or more sections given.

Information is clear and directions are concise.  4 or more sections are given.


 Total points = __________/16


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