Helping and Linking Verbs

Helping and Linking Verbs

Linking Verbs

Linking verbs: Use variations of the verb to be(ex. am, are, were, was, etc or seems, become, appears, etc) to link a subject (A person, place, thing or idea) to a noun or adjective (describing word).

            Ex. She was ugly. (She is the subject, was is the linking verb, and ugly is an adjective)

            Ex: You were a boss. (You is the subject, were is the linking verb, and boss is a noun)

Helping Verbs

 Helping Verbs – helps out an action verb in a sentence. (am, are, was, were, etc or could, would should, might, etc)

            Ex: She is running for office (She is the subject, is is the helping verb, running is an action verb)

            Ex: John could kill a deer with his gun. (John is the subject, could is the linking verb, kill is the action verb)

The most important thing to note is helping verbs need another verb to exist!


Directions: state whether the underlined verb is a helping or linking verb.

1. Mary Kay jewelry is awesome! _____________________________

2. She is killing all of the germs on the counter! _____________________________

3. Carlos was a baseball player for Halloween. _____________________________

4. Nancy was running for class president. _____________________________

5. Edgar and Mario were only fifteen years old. _____________________________


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