Sula Reading Questions 9/20 and 9/21


Group Reading 1

1.  Read pages 3-6 of Sula by Toni Morrison

2. Complete the following tasks.

            a. Describe your neighborhood on paper and share with your group.

            b. Compare your neighborhood with the Bottom on paper.

3.  Answer the following questions with your group mates in your notebook:

            a. In your own words, describe Bottom: what would you see, who would you see, what    are the general feelings of the inhabitants of Bottom?

            b.  The narrator describes Bottom as “a nigger joke” (pg 4).  What does this phrase say       about the town?  About the neighborhood of Bottom?

            c. Why is it strange that the townsfolk  call the town Bottom?  What can we infer  (conclude) about the whites and blacks in the town from this strange naming?

            d.  What makes Bottom beautiful?  Why would it be compared to the bottom of heaven?


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