Creation of Advertisement Project

Creation of an Ad

            Creating an ad is not always easy but if you know your target audience and have a unique way of presenting the information you want to convey, it can be done well.


1. Product Selection: Product selection should be the easiest part of this assignment.  Choose a product already being sold.  You are obviously creating your own ad for the product.

2. Determining your audience:  You obviously need to know who buys this type of product.

Are they children?  Adults? White?  Black? Hispanic? Man?  Woman? Etc.

3. Brainstorm: Using the information from above brainstorm some ideas.  Try to sell a dream to them.  If they were to have this product what might he/she gain from it?

4. Illustrate: You may only draw your ad.  If you are good with a computer you may make an original computer drawing but I MUST APPROVE IT FIRST.

5. Slogan: Some products have slogans that make the product easier to remember.  Try to be as brief, to the point and creative as possible.  Do not just take the first one that comes to mind.


1. Use one sheet of blank 8″x11″ paper (like the paper you put in a printer

2. Draw and color slogan using the ENTIRE PAPER.

3. Put your name on the back!

Due Date Monday October 1, 2012

Ad Project

Grading Rubric






Ad is not neat and poorly done.

Ad is somewhat neat but not very appealing.

Ad is neat.

Ad is extremely neat and well done.


Illustration may not be present or poorly drawn

Illustration is present

Illustration is present and colored

Illustration is present, beautifully colored, and neatly drawn


Frequent misspelled words and grammar errors. Very difficult to understand.

Some misspelled words and grammar errors.  Difficult to understand.

Some errors in spelling and grammar but not difficult to understand.

No errors in spelling or grammar.  Very clear.


Slogan may not be present or is off topic.

Slogan is present but simple and not well thought out.

Slogan is present and well thought out.

Slogan is present, well thought out, and fits in seamlessly with the ad.

 Total points = __________/16



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