Group reading 2


Group Reading 2

1.  Read pages 7-16 of Sula by Toni Morrison

2. Complete the following tasks.

a. Describe a fear that you have.

3.  Answer the following questions about the reading with your group mates in your notebook:

a. What is ironic about National Suicide Day being on January 3?

b. What is Shadrack’s background?  (What happened in his past)

c. What strange things does Shadrack see when he looks at his hands and when he tries to             tie his shoes.

d. What is Shadrack’s fear?  What is the result of this fear?

4. Discussion Questions to be discussed in the group and written down in your notebook.

a. What does National Suicide Day represent to the neighborhood of Bottom?

b. Why does Shadrack’s prior experiences make him a believable creator of National             Suicide Day?

c. Brainstorm other uncertainty’s in life (like death and dying).  Make a list of days (like    National Suicide Day) to correct this uncertainty (make it certain).

d. Why might cowbells be the thing one hears on National Suicide Day?  What could   they represent?


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