English 11 Unit 4: The American Women

After preparing for the HSPA and, in all likely-hood, nailing it, our class will be exploring women in America.  Synthesizing texts like A Street Car Named Desire with poems from Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and Maya Angelou will be one of the main focuses.  Some of the questions we will explore will be: 

Are women portrayed only as sex objects in the media?

Should women have a say whether they can keep or abort a baby?

Are women capable of making military decisions (being President)?




One comment on “English 11 Unit 4: The American Women

  1. john blanc says:

    In my opinion he should not the bench there two starting players. I believe that he shouldn’t bench them because its been a while since the high school made it that far. Also since they are the starting players of the team they are going to need them to win. If it was a regular bench player then they could get suspended

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