Moral Dilemma.

The mood at Baileyville High School is tense with anticipation. For the first time in many, many years, the varsity basketball team has made it to the state semifinals. The community is excited too, and everyone is making plans to attend the big event next Saturday night. Jeff, the varsity coach, has been waiting for years to field such a team. Speed, teamwork, balance: they’ve got it all. Only one more week to practice, he tells his team, and not a rule can be broken. Everyone must be at practice each night at the regularly scheduled time: No Exceptions. Brad and Mike are two of the team’s starters.  From their perspective, they’re indispensable to the team, the guys who will bring victory to Baileyville. They decide—why, no one will ever know—to show up an hour late to the next day’s practice. Jeff is furious. They have deliberately disobeyed his orders. The rule says they should be suspended for one full week. If he follows the rule, Brad and Mike will not play in the semifinals. But the whole team is depending on them.  What should he do?


25 comments on “Moral Dilemma.

  1. Rafael Eulalio says:

    I believe the couch shouldn’t suspend them because, first : The two players are good and the whole team depends on them. Second : They shouldn’t be punished just because of a little mistake because after all, everyone makes them. Third : Loose the game just because of a small break in the rules is too much.

  2. William Spring says:

    Jeff should let them play and when the game is over, he should suspend Brad and Mike from the team for two weeks.

  3. Zaniyyah grant says:

    I believe the coach should suspend the two boys because its the principal the coach gave them certain orders to follow and just because they are star players doesn’t mean they can get off of not following rules and also this will show the other players they need to be as good as those to because most likely they will lose the game and it should make then want to strengthens themselves within the game

  4. nayiah says:

    I think Jeff should let them play if this is their first time being late. This game is very important so I think the only fair way to do good or feel good is to let them play. The game means a lot to them and if they lose it might hurt the team. The team would feel better if the won. Also if they win they would feel so GOOD.

  5. Zulmarie Clemente says:

    Jeff should follow the rules even if they lose the semifinals because if he doesn’t he will look like a push over that favorites only Brad and Mike. Brad and Mike planed to be late to practice when they knew the rules, they should get in trouble and deal the the consequences.

  6. craig epps says:

    Brad and Mike should play. In practice they should have to do something to make up for it. Jeff will be seen as a bad coach to the town. Everybody is looking for them because they are the best. This is an important game so if they lose they will be disappointed.

  7. Young $avAge says:

    In my opinion if you’re not coming to practice you should not play. thats just not fiar to the WHOLE team

  8. Jair S says:

    Everyone in the team deserves what they get even when they don’t follow the button.

  9. I Honestly think that coach is a little bit harsh on them because being late for and hour is not that big of a deal, if you know that you need someone for you to win a very important game that your school to when you would give them some kind of that they would learn their lesson but at the same time the should be able to play the game because you need them you need the of the best for you to win the game

  10. Nayara Goncalves says:

    They should let them play because it will be unfair for the others in the team loose the game because of the others mistake. Also how the coach was waiting for the game so much. After this mistake not get to win because of thise two. The coach and team shouldn’t get punished for their mistake.

  11. Janaya Richards says:

    I think that they should play and then afterwards give them consequences. Its not like they are showing favoritism because the whole team wants them to play and everybody is counting on them. It doesn’t matter when they get in trouble so they should just be allowed to play and then they could get punished.

  12. Nina G says:

    brad & mike should have went to practice ,, they should face their consequences but they’re the starters so, they do need them and it is the semi finals. coach jeff should let them play but at the end of the game brad & mike should run double of what the team will run .

  13. Siara says:

    In my opinion coach Jeff should let this go and let them play. But I do understand the rules but without them the team won’t beat their victory. But the coach should just let this one go and they should never do it again. In this case 2 strikes your out.

  14. Kayla Odoms says:

    If they don’t come to practice they Shouldn’t be able to play. If your teams have to come to practice to touch up the skills what makes them so special.

  15. denilson says:

    I believe that coach jeff should suspend them for week because if he doesnt that will make them think they can keep during this every time.He should make an example out of them so the others can be afraid,and wont do the same as them.

  16. Mallory Orozco says:

    In my opinion Brad and Mike should be allowed to play in the team because the team and the town wants this win. Now after the game they should suffer the consequences of breaking the rules,

  17. Lawrence A.Price says:

    I feel that they should play because this is clearly their team they are the two best players on team and also they have only missed one practice. Eventhouh it was an hour late how would the team feel if they lost because their best players didn’t play just because the coach want to prove a point. what if him trying to prove a point can actually hurt the team and cause them their playoff spot . then they miss a chance on a good season because two players come to practice an hour late that’s why the word structure was mad he has the power to not start them or suspend them for a qauter but miss the whole game do to being late to practice

  18. Nakia St.Fleur says:

    I feel like they the coach shouldn’t suspend them because he is suppose to be punishing them not the team, and suspending them will put the team under risks because they might lose. I feel like they should play, but the coach should find another consequences to give the boys because, at the end of the day the boys didn’t follow directions so they should get consequences .

  19. Dave Manasse says:

    I think that the coach should suspend them. they are supose to follow the rules. the coach has to be the example. If coach doesn’t punish them they will think that it’s ok to do what they did again.

  20. steven says:

    They should play in the semifinals because the teams need them for that game and they don’t want to lose hat game because of two players. Both players should make up for what they did at another practice. I understand that the coach needs to show them they did wrong but i don’t think he should take them out for the game.

  21. aliah says:

    they should be suspended because they not being fair . they only thinking about themselves

  22. Destiny says:

    i think the coach should let them play because like it was said in the story this is their first time going to the semi-finals & if they need those 2 players to win he should let them play but after the game give them so much punishment such as extra extra practice early in the morning for them two only and make them do community service & write a 5 page essay on why they were late and why they thinks its okay to be late.

  23. rachael says:

    i think they shouldnt be suspend for the game because they still came and the team is depending on them they should play this game and suffer a different consequence after the game

  24. Kayla Odoms says:

    If they don’t come to practice they Shouldn’t be able to play. If your teams have to come to practice to touch up the skills what makes them so special. You know what time you have practice, and they came later then they need to be there for nothing yes they shouldn’t be able to play.

  25. john blanc says:

    i dont think that they should get suspended because they are the top players in the school. if they do not play they will lose and the whole school is counting on them. i believe they should pay the price later

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