Moral Dilemma 3

Alan works in the claims department of a major hospital. Paperwork on a recent admission shows that a traumatic mugging caused the patient to require an adjustment in the medication she is prescribed to control anxiety and mood swings.  Alan is struck by the patient’s unusual last name and upon checking her employment information realizes she is one of his daughter’s grade school teachers. Alan’s daughter seems very happy in her school and he cannot violate patient confidentiality by informing the school of a teacher’s mental illness but he is not comfortable with a potentially unstable person in a position of influence and supervision over his eight year old daughter. Can Alan reconcile these issues in an ethical manner?


32 comments on “Moral Dilemma 3

  1. Osa Omokaro says:

    We all know that Alan loves his daughter and would want only the best for her but i don’t think he should do that by trying to jeopardize someone else’s career. I think he just try his best to assist the teacher as much as possible. If he still doesn’t thinks that it is a big problem then maybe he could assist his daughter on his own in that certain subject.

  2. stephan dorcely says:

    I wouldn’t tell the school because it is just her current state and why risk her losing her job. Also the medication would help with getting back to her functional state. Also if I see the medication is getting her no where then id have to help her by telling the school because she could possibly be a risk to the children as she isn’t fully functioning right.

  3. Rafael Eulalio says:

    I think Alan can reconcile these issues in an ethical manner. If Alan doesn’t feel comfortable with that situation, then he should go up to the teacher and talk to her about it. The teacher probably knows what she’s doing and wouldn’t just be a teacher being aware of her illness. When Alan opened up to her, she’d probably tell him she knows how to deal with her problems and that he shouldn’t worry about it.

  4. Zaniyyah grant says:

    If Alan is willing to break patient confidentiality then he should inform the school for the safety of the children that the teacher who’s mentally unstable but him informing them wouldn’t be all that bad because one day the teacher can be on a bad day and go insane,

  5. Michael DeCastro says:

    In this situation Alan needs to think about what would be best for his daughter and for the teacher. The best thing Alan can do for his daughter his to get the teacher as far away as possible for his daughter safety and for the other kids safety. The best he can do for the teacher is to get her as much help as possible to help her overcome her mood swings.

  6. Zulmarie Clemente says:

    Yes he can handle it in a ethical manner. He can go to the principal and ask to transfer his daughter to another class because he is not comfortable with his daughter in the current class. He could tell the principal that as the teachers doctor he is concerned about the safety of the children.

  7. Will Spring says:

    If I were Alan I would tell the school about the teachers mental disabilities. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a person who cant mentally control themselves around my daughter. What i she forgot to take her medication one day and flipped out on the children she taught. I wouldn’t be able to relax, knowing that I’m the reason the teacher stayed in the school without them knowing of her mental disability.

  8. Jar Jar Bink says:

    I would have kept the patient confidentiality because it makes my kids happy. If the teacher does something wrong in the way of teaching the students then i would talk to the school to make sure they keep an eye on her. It would be the right thing or i can just talk to my daughter and warn her so that it wont come as a surprise.

  9. Nayiah B says:

    Alan should tell the school if the medication is useless. If the medication is helping her then why risk her losing her job. In the safety of his child he should do the best thing which is to make sure not only his daughter, but other children are safe. If she is not stable to work then she shouldn’t work otherwise she can continue working. He should do what’s best for everyone.

  10. joey says:

    I’d tell the school, my daughter could possibly be at risk. Her safety is important just as the other kids in her school. A mentally unstable teacher should not be in charge of a classroom or around children in general.

  11. craig epps says:

    Honestly should inform the school. This is something the school should be aware of. Not informing them something might happen and the staff wouldnt know.

  12. elisha Jones says:

    Alan should talk to the teacher the teacher first. Knowing that she was mugged she will be crazy but the comfort of her students and the care her daughter has for her teacher would make her feel more relaxed.I wouldnt tell only because she will need the help of others

  13. Ashly Sosa says:

    He should keep the teachers confidentiality, the medication can help her. If it doesn’t work he should tell. She is dangerous to the students. And he can get in trouble by giving the information.

  14. I think that he should tell the school because if the teacher can’t control her self what make you think that one day she won’t just flip and her one of her students, if you are worried about your children safety i would let someone know about her condition.

  15. Khalif says:

    I think Alan should go against the rule and tell the school because since the teacher have mood swings, she can snap on her students in a heartbeat.

  16. bodybuildingRell says:

    I feel that the school should no asap because i personally witnessed a lot of situations like this one in the passage and it didn’t turn out to good. Even if the kids really liked the teacher their still young so it really wouldn’t matter the only right thing is talk to my daughter and warn her so that it wont come as a surprise.

  17. Lawrence Abdul-Price says:

    The school should no ASAP because that can put students aswell as teachers in danger. This could sacrifice other people in the enviornment if they are not told or warned if they do let them no about the condition of the sick pearson can and will be exscused because of his or her medical weekness and also his daughter can be in harms way that is his daughters life on the line and if something would happen to her he would no the cause

  18. Nina G says:

    alan should talk to the teacher and see whats best for her and for the students, but the school should also know about her situation. so alan should really talk to her about everything.

  19. rachael says:

    I feel that he should help the teacher as much as he can but telling on her his jeopardizing her career and if she was a be deal the school would have let her off and if his daughter is happy in the school.

  20. Nayara Goncalves says:

    I think that Alan should talk to the teacher about the mood swing and help her overcome it .so that his daughter and the safty of the kids.So if he does this the teacher can keep her job and his own beacuse he wouldn’t have to let the school know that this teacher has this. Also So the teacher won’t come back and be harrible to him if he told. He came help the teacher deal wih it better so that that teacher will not have her mood swings out to the children.

  21. Johnathan Johnson says:

    Alan should know that people with illness get treated. If his daughters teacher is being treated he should know she is getting the help she needs and wont be a potential threat. There are probably other teachers just like his daughters. Since he is in claims, he knows there are medications for people with mental illness. Also if the teacher doesn’t have a history of hurting children because of her illness, he shouldn’t base his opinion of the teacher on her illness. Sometimes sane people can do something to hurt children. So Alan should dismiss his thoughts about the danger of the teacher.

  22. Nakia St.Fleur says:

    I feel like his child’s safety come first, so Alan needs to talk to the teacher and let the teacher know that he knows about her illness, and because he is concerned about his child’s safety he needs to tell the teacher to tell the school about her illness.

  23. john christopher blanc says:

    i think that he should tell the asap. she reason he she tell the school because she could breakdown on her school at any given moment. he is also putting those 8 year old kids in trouble.

  24. Smooches says:

    I wouldn’t report to the school but I would talk to the teacher about first and if needed be i would info the school.

  25. Janaya Richards says:

    i feel as though that they school should have already known about her illness because im sure that they check that and obviously she has to be stable enough to teach because they haven’t complained about the teacher, so he should just leave it alone or just talk to the teacher about the situation to make sure that the school is aware or that everything is ok.

  26. aliah michelle says:

    i think the teacher should know becuase it could put people in danger . and i could put other students and people in the environment in harm.

  27. Destiny says:

    if feel he should tell but then again he shouldnt because he would violate patient confidentially and might get fired or in trouble, but i undertsand his worries but atleast shes taking medication for it.

  28. denilson says:

    Alan should inform the school because his daughter can get hurt because the teacher mental health is unstable.his daughter life may depend on it because mental illness is something that you don’t play around with.

  29. Siara says:

    The school should be notified immediately because a illness is not something to play around with. Even though he likes her as his daughters school teacher her being sick is more important. She has a family that cares about her so it would be selfish to not help her in this time of need and seriousness.

  30. Dave Manasse says:

    he should tell the school because mental illness is serious. I know that his daughter is happy at the same time he should not let his daughter stay with someone that has mind problem. you doesn’t know when the teacher could snap in the class. with your daughter in the class.

  31. Naddie says:

    I Feel as Tho Allen Should Report This To His Daughter Teacher Before He Think Something Is Up & Get Out Hand. So They Could Keep An Eye On Her

  32. Mallory Orozco says:

    I feel like Alan shouldn’t tell the school whats going on because it isn’t effecting her teaching ability. Even though its his daughter, he can’t violate patient confidentiality. I will ask the teacher if her boss is informed about her medical problems.

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