Moral Dilemma 9

Judy was a twelve-year-old girl. Her mother promised her that she could go to a special rock concert coming to their town if she saved up from baby-sitting and lunch money to buy a ticket to the concert. She managed to save up the fifteen dollars the ticket cost plus another five dollars. But then her mother changed her mind and told Judy that she had to spend the money on new clothes for school. Judy was disappointed and decided to go to the concert anyway. She bought a ticket and told her mother that she had only been able to save five dollars. That Saturday she went to the performance and told her mother that she was spending the day with a friend. A week passed without her mother finding out. Judy then told her older sister, Louise, that she had gone to the performance and had lied to her mother about it. Louise wonders whether to tell their mother what Judy did.


20 comments on “Moral Dilemma 9

  1. Rafael Eulalio says:

    Louise shouldn’t tell her mother about what her sister did because Judy trusted her and was able to open up with Louise. It’d be really wrong from her to tell her mother that. Although what Judy did was wrong, it was just a mistake that any kid would have done at her age.

  2. Jar Jar Bink says:

    i would not tell mom because mom did make the promise and didn’t keep it so if she were to find out i would tell her yo that was wrong and she shouldn’t have done that so she has no right to yell at my sis.

  3. Michael DeCastro says:

    Louise should tell her mother about what her sister did because as the oldest child she should know that lying to your parents will make them not trust you any more. So as the oldest child she needs to be and adult about and tell her mother what Judy did.

  4. Will Spring says:

    Louise shouldn’t tell their mother what Judy did because she’s her older sister who was told something out of confidence. She needs to keep Judy’s secret and be a good older sister.

  5. I mean it up to them because their could tell their mother and she could ground her, or they could black mail her and make her to things for them like their chores and things that they don’t want to do.

  6. Elisha Da'Jaun Jones says:

    Louise should not say anything about Judy going to the performance. she only had 15 dollars for school shopping?

  7. stephan dorcely says:

    She should tell the mom because that will benefit her. By telling the mom she can punish her and teach her a lesson but also fix the problem.By not addressing it the situation will get worse because the mom wont be able to buy the uniform.

  8. Siara says:

    She shouldn’t tell her mom because she wouldn’t want her sister snitching on her. Karma does come back around so she should just keep this a secret and not say anything for now.

  9. Dave Manasse says:

    louise should tell her mother what her little sister did. she ‘s lied to her mom.If she doesn’t tell her her little sister going to keep doing what she is doing which is sneaking out of the house. It could be a bad thing for her little sister if she grows up with it. which disobeying her parents. It’s not good for people to lie it’s one of the commandment.

  10. Nayara Goncalves says:

    I think louise shouldn’t tell on her because Judy probably trust her not to tell. Plus even though she was wrong, siblings should have each other backs. even though also means having to also lie to your parents.

  11. Smooches says:

    She needs to tell her mother what happened

  12. Nina G says:

    i don’t think its fair that the mother changed her mind because the concert doesnt always come so she shouldnt tell on her sister ment to a lot to her . she can save up again for her clothes.

  13. Janaya Richards says:

    In my opinion i think that the sister shouldn’t tell because the little sister is counting on her and it would break the trust that they have together. Also they could help each other out because whenever the older sister wants to sneak out the little one can help her because they have a special bond and it will bring them closer. And the older sister would be a snitch and she wouldn’t want her little sister to tell on her o she shouldn’t tell the mom.

  14. Mallory Orozco says:

    Louise shouldn’t tell her mom because Judy trusted her. Even though she isn’t going to tell her mom, Louise should advice Judy to not do it again because something could have happened to her.

  15. Lawrence Abdul Price says:

    if you ask me she should not tell because you are suppose to have ur brother or sisters back you want to be able to protect your brother or sister when it comes to anything weather it people in the streets or even your parnts

  16. steven says:

    No i wouldn’t have told my mom because there is no point of telling her if she doesn’t know and its over with.

  17. Nakia St.Fleur says:

    I don’t think Louise should tell their mother, because of the fact that it will break the trust that Judy haves for her sister. Louise needs to mind her business becasue what Judy did doesn’t have nothing to do with her. Its not like Louise was apart of Judy’s lie because she wasnt.

  18. denilson milfort says:

    lousie shouldnt tell her mother because that’s her sister and she wouldnt do that to her. in my world snitches get stiches.

  19. rachael says:

    yes cause if her mom found out she would also get in trouble because she knew about it

  20. john blanc says:

    i dont think that lousie should tell her mother because thats her sister and that would kill the bond that they have

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