Dependent Clause 1

Dependent Clauses: Dependent clauses cannot stand alone as sentences.

Example: John, a thirty year old from Weequahic, went to the park.

Dependent Clause:  a thirty year old from Weequahic.  This cannot stand on its own as a sentence.

Directions: Identify whether the bolded is a dependent clause or independent clause.

1. Marty is so out of shape and fat that he gives up goal after goal.

2. Under the sea, there is a fountain of youth.

3. No one on the team has any money, or they do not care to buy anything.

4. The angel is deep within the cave searching for his daughter.

5. During the Tennis Open, John faulted on both of his serves.

Directions:  Add a dependent clause to the following sentences (– two dashes will represent where the dependent clause should be added)

1. Mary, –, goes to the store with no money.

2. –, John had no money.

3. The money is disgusting, –.

4. Cable is worth about forty dollars, –.

5. The jerk parade, –, is always marching by my life.


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