Dependent Clause 2

Adjectival Clause


An Adjectival Clause is a dependent clause which modifies a noun.

Example: Mary, a woman from the South Bronx, went to the store.

“a woman from the South Bronx”  cannot stand alone as a sentence and therefore is a dependent clause.  In addition, it gives us more information about the woman.



Identify the adjectival clause

1. Chris, a big girl, slammed her brother to the ground with such force that she killed him on impact.


2. Without any money, the girls, who never go to the store with out any money, went to the store.


3. Five people, who lost their husbands to cancer, meet at weekly meetings.


4.  Drenched from the rain, the girl, a five year old, had slipped while kicking a soccer ball.


5. During the winter, Michael, a waiter, and Cheryl, a waitress, went to the park.



Add an adjectival clause to the following sentences.


1. Mark went to the game.


2. Carey had a good time.


3. The bees buzzed everywhere.


4. Candles are the worst smelling things ever.


5. Her Jordan’s were dirty.


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