Dependent Clause 3

Introductory Dependent Clause – are clauses at the beginning of a sentence that cannot stand alone.

Example: Without drinking, my mother ate a whole plate of mashed potatoes.

The introductory clause is usually a prepositional phrase ( phrases that begin with words like to, without, because, with, etc.).

Directions: Identify the introductory clause.

1. While swimming in the sea, Jerry dropped his cell.

2. Filed under C, the girl found her Demon CD in the filing case.

3. Without knowing Mary Primrose, the girl won the look-a-like contest.

4. By applying through the mail, students won scholarships.

5. Knowing Johnny, He had at least five folders full of work.


Directions:  Write your own introductory clause for the following independent clauses:

1. I ate a bug,

2. I hate screaming

3. The man fell off the horse.

4. The Giants are the best football team.

5. The girls followed a boy all the way home just to find out where he lives.


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