Dependent Clause 4

Object Clause: An object clause usually provides a name or job description.

Example The girl from the town, Jenna, went to the play.

Directions: Identify the object clause(s).

1. The girl, Marquis’s sister, ran to the water hole.

2. Emily, a police officer, busted the worst criminal in the city.

3. During the graduation, Mac, a teacher, spilled coffee on his jacket.

4. A city-slicker, Hoss, used extremely bad language.

5. During the film, the girl from Boogie Night, Charlize, quoted my favorite phrase.


Directions: Create your own object clause.

1. The man from Nantucket went to the beach.

2. The Williams sisters performed open heart surgery.

3. The police officer went to the mall.

4. Without any money, the proprietor borrowed from the bank.

5. Mary Ellen taught everyone how to do CPR.


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