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Oh boy, there are many different types of verbs.

Here’s a link to one:

Quick Study:

Direct object  Indirect Object Verb

The link above discusses action verbs: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

Transitive verbs make a direct object (like a hand or hat) do something (action)

Ex. John threw the paper. (The paper is the direct object that receives the action; therefore, threw is a transitive verb)


Transitive verbs make have an indirect object receive the action.

Ex. Mary gave Darryl a slap. (a slap is the direct object, Darryl is the indirect object who receives the action, and Mary is the subject)

Intransitive Verbs never have a direct or indirect object to modify.

Ex. Michael slipped secretly down the escape hatch.  (Michael is the subject, Slipped is the verb, secretly…is an adverbial phrase and is not a direct/indirect object.

Name the verbs in the following sentences and state whether they are used transitively or intransitively.

1. Some ants fight fiercely.

2. The explosion sank the ship.

3. He spoke the truth.

4. He spoke loudly.

5. Boil the water.

6. The motorman stopped the train.

7. The horse kicked the boy.

8. The sun rises in the morning.

9. The watchman blew his whistle.

10. The poor widow killed herself.

11. He took shelter under a tree.

12. The birds sang sweetly.

13. The fire burns brightly.

14. Birds fly in the sky.

15. Time heals all wounds


1. Intransitive verb – fight; no object

2. Transitive verb – sank; object – the ship

3. Transitive verb – spoke; object – the truth

4. Intransitive verb – spoke; no object

5. Transitive verb – boil; object – the water

6. Transitive verb – stopped; object – the train

7. Transitive verb – kicked; object – the boy

8. Intransitive verb – rises; no object

9. Transitive verb – blew; object – his whistle

10. Transitive verb – killed; object – herself

11. Transitive verb – took; object – shelter

12. Intransitive verb – sang; no object

13. Intransitive verb – burns; no object

14. Intransitive verb – fly; no object

15. Transitive verb – heals; object – all wounds

Here’s a link to Auxillary and Linking Verbs


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